Fall Run Run 2021

OUR FUN RUN IS BACK!!!!  This year we are so excited to have a virtual fundraising option to help the kids raise money easier. Let’s have some fun with it and have your kids get creative with a video or letter.
This year will look a little different in the way that it will be during school hours and parents won’t be able to attend due to covid restrictions, but we will take it!! We will have SuperFUNk Jen DJing for us,snacks and school wide prizes when fundraising goals are met. Let’s start earning those prizes!!!
Use the search feature to find your student(s) personal fundraising page!
SCHOOL WIDE GOALS if met PTO will provide:
$5000- Spirit Stick for each student
$7000 Popsicle for each student
$10000 Raffle off 1 kindle per grade level
$13000 Vendor Pizza Lunch for the whole school
$15000 Unlock surprise giveaways
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